Kerakoll - Elastik Eco adhesive

Kerakoll - Elastik Eco adhesive

manufacturer: Kerakoll

Category: KERAKOLL - construction chemicals

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Product description

Ready-to-use organic, mineral adhesive for laying with increased adhesion, without vertical flow and increased deformability. Especially recommended at GreenBuilding.


  • does not contain solvent in
  • the lowest emission of volatile organic compounds
  • environmentally friendly and health user in
  • compatible, certified
  • high flexibility
  • long correction time
  • fast and reliable laying
  • does not cause stress in the finishing material
  • for flooring inside, walls inside and outside
  • suitable for ceramic tiles, porcelain stoneware, glass mosaic, large format tiles, shade tiles, stable natural stones on mineral or cementitious surfaces
  • suitable for laying on absorbable gypsum and anhydrite substrates without the need for a primer
  • very good in wooden and wood-based substrates stable against water


  • Keracem Eco Pronto and Rekord Eco Pronto screeds
  • screeds made with the use of Rekord Eco and Keracem Eco professional hydraulic binders
  • plasterboard walls
  • laterogipsy
  • cement and cellular concrete blocks
  • cement and gypsum plasters
  • prefabricated or cast concrete
  • cementitious substrates
  • anhydrite substrates
  • chipboard
  • multilayer boards
  • porcelain stoneware
  • thinning plates
  • clinker
  • terracotta
  • ceramic tiles
  • glass mosaic
  • ceramic mosaic
  • natural stones
  • marble
  • composites that do not deform or stain due to water absorption
  • boards of sound absorbing and insulating material

Technical data

  • white paste
  • density 1.74 kg / dm 3
  • aggregate mineral composition carbonate crystals
  • particle size 0-200 m
  • storage 12 months in the original packaging
  • viscosity 600,000 mPa s, rotor 93 RPM 1 (Brookfield method)
  • operating temperature from +5 C to +35 C
  • open time ⩾ 30 minutes (according to EN 1346)
  • correction time ⩾ 1 h
  • flow ⩽ 0.5 mm (according to EN 1308)
  • 24 hour pedestrian traffic
  • grouting 12 hours a wall / 24 hours a floor
  • commissioning 7 days
  • capacity 2-4 kg / m 2

* variable depending on the leveling of the substrate and the tile format

Note: Data obtained at a temperature of +23 C, relative humidity 50% depending on the conditions prevailing at the construction site, i.e. temperature, ventilation, absorbability of the substrate and the material being laid.

    Technical data

    60 min.
    application temperature range:
    5 - 35 °C
    capacity [kg/m²]:
    2 - 4 kg/m²
    ≤ 0,5 mm
    load foot traffic after:
    24 h
    open time work:
    30 min.
    ≈ 12 h ściany / ≈ 24 h podłogi
    temperature resistance:
    -30 do +90 °C
    amount in box:
    5 kg
    kilograms per pallet:
    500 kg


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